Sanatorium "Jaunkemeri"

Resort Rehabilitation center is located in Jurmala, 35 km away from Riga, in the pinewood at the dune zone of the Riga Gulf, surrounded by three lakes. RRC „Jaunkemeri” ir unique as a health resort as there 3 curative factors-balneologic therapy, mud treatment and climatotherapy are combined here.

Treatment: Disposes of modern methods of diagnostics and individual programs of treatment: sulfurated and bromide baths, mud applications, four-chamber and whirlpool baths, underwater traction, hydromassage pool, magnetotherapy, lasertherapy, ultrasonic and other procedures of physiotherapy, functional diagnostics therapeutic exercises, massage, mechanotherapy, hyperberic oxygenation (pressure chamber), ergotherapy, inhalations, stomatology and prosthodontics, ridetherapy (curative horse riding) and other.

Accommodation: Double, single rooms and 2-room apartments with all facilities, three meals a day (dietotherapy).

Additionally: Day pacient facility and out-patient care, a swimming pool with a cascade, a sauna, a cinema and concert hall, a beauty parlor, a bar, cafes, excursions. A new opportunity to receive a short exclusive curative complex of term sulfurated or bromide mineral bath, mud application, classical massage in a special, modern-equipped section for clients having money, but not much time.

Saturday, March 24
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